Five Attractive Places to Visit in Jaipur & Kerala

Five Attractive Places to Visit in Jaipur & Kerala, If you are planning a place to visit this vacations then Jaipur is a good option. Situated in the state of the royal kings (Rajasthan) this city has many reasons that will force you to visit it once. Its lovely and royal monuments, its shopping places and also the flavors of Jaipur will drag you towards the city.  Looking for a honeymoon destination in India? Kerala is sure to top your list! Its lovely beaches and backwaters, beautiful hill stations and tea gardens, make it a paradise for couples. What’s more, Kerala, God’s Own Country, offers a number of romantic experiences and activities to make that dream holiday with your better half even more wonderful and memorable!

Five Attractive Places to Visit in Jaipur & Kerala
1. Johri bazaar

You must be thinking that Jaipur is all about forts and ancient monuments but this is not so. Like it is well known for the historical monuments it is also known for the shopping items. The work of beads and the clothes that you get. Johri bazaar stands first in Jaipur if you want to do shopping. This a really a crowded area whit number of shops selling clothes and jewelry and also food. You can get good quality of saree’s lehengas in a glittering gemstone work. Also it is well known for silver and diamond jewelry. Don’t miss the dahi bade there. So all women there who loves shopping then this destination is surely for you.

Address:-Johari Bazar Rd, Johri Bazar, Ramganj Bazar, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302003.

2. Amer fort

This fort is located in Amber town that is eleven kilometers away from Jaipur. It is one of the old forts of Jaipur which was made in 1592 by Raja Man Singh. The Amer Fort was built in red sandstone and marble and the Maotha Lake adds a spark to the entire Fort. The fort has four quadrants to visit to which you have to go through different doors. The main entry to the courtyard is through the Suraj pol or the Sun gate. The main attraction of this palace is the Magic Flower a fresco carved out of marble. It has many halls like the Sheesh Mahal, Sukh Mahal and the Diwan-ie-aam. If you want to explore this interesting palace more then surely take help of a guide.

Address:- Devisinghpura, Amer, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302001.

3. Jantar Mantar

It is an observatory built by Maharaja Jai Singh II in 1720. The king loved astronomy,mathematics and religious practices. He built five same observatories in the North India of which Jaipur Jantar Mantar is the largest. There are fourteen major geometric instruments that tell the right time,situation of various planets and many more. Some of the famous are The Samrat Yantra (worlds largest sundail),Hindu Chatri and Jai prakash Yantra. If you want to know each instruments in detail and how they work then you must surely hire a guide.

4. Jal Mahal

Jal Mahal located in the mid of the lake Man Sagar Jaipur city is a eye catching piece of work.  It was built by Maharaja Jai Singh ll of Amber. This palace is made of red sandstone in the eighteenth century. Four floors of the palace are merged in the lake and only the fifth floor is visible to us. You cannot visit the palace from inside as it is submerged in the lake. Sit in a royal styled architecture boat and take a look at the Rajputana beauty. If you are India than entry fees is 10 rupees and for a NRI it is 50 rupees.

5. Hawa Mahal

This is a five storey palace situated in Jaipur city. Made by Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh in 1799. This pink sandstone fairy tale Mahal was made in order that the ladies of the royal family can see what ever is going on the street in order that they would also not get exposed to others. This palace has 953 windows and narrow corridors which may get crowded some times . This palace has a shape of the crown of lord Krishna as the king was a devotee of lord Krishna. It has an interesting fact that there are no stairs to climb upwards to the fifth floor instead it has ramps to reach. It is a place that one must surely visit . You can take help of a guide to explore the palace.

Five Best Honeymoon Destinations in Kerala
1. HouseBoat Cruise, Kumarakom

Kerala is popular worldwide for its pristine backwaters of Alleppey and Kumarakom. A cruise through the backwaters of Kumarakom will make your vacation pleasant and memorable. Take a cruise through the backwaters in Kumarakom for up-close views of verdant rice paddies and verdant coconut groves. We recommend Kumarakom over Alleppey for couples as Kumarakom has vast backwaters unlike the narrow backwater ways in Alleppey which are much more crowded. To enjoy to the fullest, visit Kerala in between August to February that will help you get the best climate, food and less crowd.

2. Traditional Kerala Cottage with Swimming Pool, Marari Beach

The dazzling waters of Mararis, along with the bright sun and delicious food make it an ideal place for the honeymooners. Mararis shimmering turquoise-blue waters are an attraction in their own right with bright sun, and delicious food attract honeymooners and seasoned travelers alike. Maybe you would prefer that dip before you start the morning with a beach walk in the morning in a swimming pool inside the private cottage. Create some beautiful memories being in such an enchanting place, playing games with your partner. You can relax your tired legs by swimming in the pool after walking or strolling the whole day to get a peaceful sleep.

3. Rocky Promenade, Kovalam

The rocky shores of the Kovalam Beach make a perfect romantic place for the honeymooners. The couples can have a wonderful time amidst massive stony high land extended into the sea from the beach. Couples can also enjoy bathing in the calm waters of the sea. Visitors can explore unique cliff top and fishing villages, enjoy a cultural show, or stroll through beachfront highlands. Climb the Cliff and view the lighthouse of Kovalam that lookout over Kovalam shoreline and the Arabian Sea. Enjoy the Sunbathing, swimming, herbal body toning massages, special cultural activities like Kathali show and and ayurveda massage with your special one.

4. Treehouse facing Waterfalls in Athirappilly

Athirappilly is largely untouched by crowd that comes to Kerala for sightseeing and tourism, and there is a tree house resort in Athirappilly that provides unparalleled rumble, roar and views of waterfalls amidst the forests with seclusion and privacy. The tree house resort of Athirapally provides unmatched echo and views of the enchanting waterfalls, which pours down in isolation amidst the forests. You can admire the beautiful waterfall disappearing as the sun goes down, sitting in the lawn of the resort. You can also get the pristine view of the waterfalls while swimming in the pool in its opposite direction. This is one of the hidden treasures of Kerala that makes a perfect honeymoon destination for the couple.

5. Chembra Peak, Wayanad

The highest peak of Wayanad is Chembra Peak. Half the way to the top, there is also a perennial heart shaped lake, therefore, making it one of the best honeymoon spots in Kerala. The lake is believed to be perennial and always has water in it at any time of the year. The heart shaped honeymoon lake is halfway to the peak and you need to walk and trek through about a km or two of dense trees to reach the top of the peak after reaching the lake. The water of the lake doesn’t get dry at any time of the year. You need to walk and trek through a dense forest for about a km or two to reach the top of the peak from the lake. The Lake looks beautiful and enchanting as it is almost covered with snow and mist, thus it makes an ideal place for the couples to hangout.

These are the top Five Attractive Places to Visit in Jaipur & Kerala Do visit these places for a wonderful and memorable honeymoon with your partner I hope you would love to visit Jaipur a city full of joy and beauty of the royals.

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