Top 5 Healthy Smoothies & Healthy Fruit Juices

Top 5 Healthy Smoothies & Healthy Fruit Juices, The delicious, healthy smoothie recipes will make it easy to eat the healthy smoothies with the fruit, milk, protein, immunity boosting yogurt and the other nutritious ingredients which are great for those on a smoothie diet. Drinking of Fresh juice is a great way to incorporate the healthier fruits and the vegetables into your daily life. The Fruit juices are packed with the essential vitamins that can increase your overall health. here are the Top 5 Healthy Smoothies & Healthy Fruit Juices

Top 5 Best Healthy Smoothies
1. Orange Creamsicle Smoothie

The Orange Creamsicle smoothie is the creamiest of creamy.  It is a low-calorie, healthy smoothie that tastes just like a creamsicle. It is a perfect post-workout thirst for the quencher or in the mid-afternoon snack to have it. If you need it to cool down after a tough workout or on a hot day at the beach. So, take this low calorie, and also the citrus-infused healthy smoothie recipe.

2. Blueberry Banana Almond Kale Smoothie

The Almond Kale is abundant in the iron and calcium to strengthen your bones, while the blueberries pack the antioxidants and it is also enriched with memory-boosting compounds. The Chia adds it the inflammation reducing omega-3 fatty acids to improve your cholesterol level, and the almonds are bursting with the vitamin E to beautify your skin.

3. Banana Ginger Smoothie

The Ginger has long known as a remedy for all manner of the queue, which includes the heartburn, nausea and also a motion sickness. Here, the singer teams up with a banana, which acts as a natural antacid in your health. So, before you reach for a shop to buy this drink for the relief, then whip up one of these soothing smoothies.

4. Chocolate Almond Greenie

The Chocolate Almond Greenie smoothie is filling, and more crave-worthy to drink. It is filled with the calcium and vitamin D to build your bones, present of disease-fighting antioxidants and also fortified with the heart-healthy omega 3-fats. This green smoothie before and can be made it few at home. This is another protein-packed smoothie which is a delicious green smoothie packed with the chocolate PR3 protein, banana, leafy vegetables and also with the almonds.

5. Super X Smoothie

The Super X smoothie is pack with the vitamins and minerals from the greens, raspberries, spices, super foods acai, hemp and also chia. By Presoaking of the seeds which help to release the more of the plant’s nutrients.The Green Drinks, the spinach is inexpensive. This green will barely taste, when it mixed with the smoothies or juices. This grass is pack with the iron, calcium, protein, vitamins A, B6, C, E, fiber, and phytochemicals like the beta-carotene, lutein, and folate. Combine of this green with the citrus like lemon or the orange to increase the nutritional absorption.

Top Five Healthy Fruit Juices

The Fruit juices are packed with the essential vitamins that can increase your overall health. Here are The Top 5 Healthy Fruit juices. The Top  5 Healthy juices which provides you the healthy nutritional values of Vitamins, Minerals and Fiber to keep your body always healthy and active.

1. Grape Juice

The Grape juice is a good source of the anthocyanins and antioxidants that seem to enhance the brain function. In one of the study, the older adults who drank the Concord grape juice daily for the 12 weeks then it showed the significant improvement on the memory tests. These weird brain exercises can also to help you to get the smarter.

2. Cranberry Juice

At just the 45 calories per cup of the cranberry juice which can prevent the urinary tract infections and also improve the cardiovascular health. So, thanks to its present of the powerful flavonoid antioxidants. Just make sure you are not drinking the cranberry juice cocktail, as this drink is loaded with the unnecessary sugar and the calories.

3. Vegetable Juice

The Tomatoes contains the lycopene, which may reduce the risk of the prostate and other diseases like cancers. The Vegetable juice is highly rich in the vitamins and minerals and the present of the fiber will help to keep you full for the longer. So, just make sure you are choosing the 100 percent vegetable juice that is low in the sodium.

4. Orange Juice

The drinking of a couple of the glasses of Orange juice which prevents the inflammation that can be triggered by a fast food breakfast, which is making the damage to the blood vessels that less likely, but the research shows. The protective effect may come from the juice’s which have the high levels of the flavonoids, plant pigments with the anti-inflammatory properties. So, drink a few ounces juices along with these healthy breakfast ideas.

5. Lemonade

Several studies suggest that the lemonade can help to ward off the kidney stones, which is a painful problem that is on the rise. If you have had the kidney stones, then cut your risk of a recurrence by as much as the 90 percent with a daily dose of the lemonade. So, mix four ounces of the lemon juice with the two liters of the water and drink straight up make it sweet.

These are the Top 5 Healthy Smoothies & Healthy Fruit Juices do you have any question so please fill free to comment

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